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  • slices of bacon
1.  Place your chosen pan on the burner you are going to use.
2.  Lay the bacon slices neatly in the pan not overlapping each other. This is important so you can turn them easily when you are ready.
3.  Turn the heat on to medium high. This will take some experimentation. Fortunately on my gas stove the correct temperature is at one of the natural stops in the handle. As the bacon cooks, turn it every 30 - 60 seconds and repeat this process until it is cooked. If it is turning black or smoking excessively (it might smoke a little but should not be bellowing smoke), the heat is too high. If it is not sizzling any more and it doesn't look done, the heat is not high enough.
4.  When it is browned and not actively sizzling like it was then it is done.